3 Actions Retailers Should be Taking RIGHT NOW

2020 has been a game changer for the future of retailing. Online shopping has been thrust in the spotlight and retailers are searching for short term initiatives to survive the crisis.

Here are some actions retailers can do now to keep the conversions coming.

01: Enrich your product information, imagery and keywords

Discovery and research is the first step of any shopping experience. Enriched product information, enhanced imagery and keywords are critical elements to help search engines find products and drive onsite search.

Quality data drives exceptional customer experience and more sales

Creating accurate, descriptive and emotive product content is essential for the customer experience. BigCommerce reports that 70% of consumers say plentiful product page details are critical to their shopping and many brands see 10%-15% improvement of product page conversion rate when adding more content.

3 Actions Retailers Should be Taking RIGHT NOW
3 Actions Retailers Should be Taking RIGHT NOW

02: Ensure all your products are available for sale

Sounds simple, right? Maybe not. If your website is only selling inventory available in the warehouse or distribution centre, how are you going to move your stock in stores?

Synchronise your physical store inventory with your online store inventory, ensuring all stock you hold is available to be purchased. By offering all your product variations online (e.g. colour and size variations), you’ll ensure your stock keeps turning over. Start with the 20% of the products that generates 80% of your revenue.

03: Expose your products to new customers

Marketplaces are on the rise, and consumers just love to shop there. Australia Post reports that Marketplaces saw 23.9% YOY growth and accounting for over 60% of Variety Store purchases in 2019.

List your products on the relevant marketplaces and make sure you’re not missing out. The best way to do this is through automated integration, ensuring synchronisation of product data, inventory, orders and shipments with marketplaces. If that’s not an option, start with your top 20% of products and manually manage the data.

3 Actions Retailers Should be Taking RIGHT NOW

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