2020 Sales Season:

A Win for Ecommerce & Omnichannel Retailing

2020 will go down in history. Ecommerce and retail in general was tested; we shifted and pivoted to find our “new normal”. The digital revolution was thrust upon us and consumers came along for the journey.

In this report, we look at the industry’s biggest sale days – Click Frenzy, Black Friday through to Cyber Monday (Cyber Weekend) and December / Boxing Day. We compile results from a variety of sources, as well as our own Comestri data, to paint a comprehensive picture of the season that was.

After a challenging year, 2020’s Sales Season was a success for most. Retailers that have embraced ecommerce and omnichannel retailing won and set themselves up for a promising 2021.

Download the report to see how each sales day performed.

“In just a single day, [Shopify] merchants around the world produced more than 80% of the sales of the entire holiday shopping weekend last year.”

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“Click Frenzy was a strong start to the sales season, and gave a great indication of what to expect over the coming weeks in the lead up to Boxing Day Sale. A solid end to the difficult year that was 2020.”

Rhian Greenway, Chief Information Officer – CITY BEACH